Tom Ballard: I listen to too many podcasts




Comedian. His new political podcast Serious Danger is out now.


I’ve been bingeing on the horrors of capitalism. Billions is a Showtime show with Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis. Lewis is basically a cut-throat billionaire figure who does insider trading and hates the government. Giamatti is a US attorney who is trying to clean up Wall Street and makes a lot of questionable moral decisions in his quest to take down Lewis. Hilarity and melodrama ensues.

Tom Ballard

Tom Ballard

[Documentary] WeWork on Amazon Prime – I love watching takedowns of capitalism on the platform owned by one of the richest men in the world. WeWork is an office sharing company. The guy in charge of it lost his mind basically and thought he was a messiah that could revolutionise the way that human beings interact with the world. It all disintegrated when people started to realise that this is ridiculous, it’s just a real estate company.


I listen to too many podcasts. My phone storage often backs up because of all the podcasts I’ve downloaded. Chapo Trap House is probably the one I listen to the most. They describe themselves as being part of the dirtbag left, which means they’re left-wing but they’re not polite or civil. They will say rude words and mock their political enemies. They’re a bunch of young Brooklynites who keyed into Millennial angst after Trump got elected in 2016. They talk about culture and politics in a very funny, very smart way.

I just came across this band Approachable Members of Your Local Community, which is an incredible name for a band. I don’t have the attention span to listen to full albums, but I get hooked into a single and will flog it three or four times a day. Their song Just Say It is the perfect little pop song.