Scott Morrison announces ‘uniquely Australian’ net zero by 2050 plan


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has outlined a “uniquely Australian way” to net zero emissions by 2050 in time for the COP26 Climate Conference in Glasgow.

“Australians understand and they support the need to take action on climate change, so do I, so does our government,” he said.

Mr Morrison said emissions were coming down and the economy was growing already but Australians wanted to protect our way of life and our jobs.

“Australians want a plan that gets the balance right and our plan to reach what will be our new official target of reaching net zero emissions by 2050, our plan, gets the balance right,” he said.

Mr Morrison said the plan will drive results through technology and will keep the coal and gas production and exports going without relying on “blank cheques”.

He said under the plan, energy bills will not increase and will have an “insurance policy review mechanism” to ensure it is helping regional Australia.

“I can say to rural and regional Australia that this is a good plan for you, it is a good plan for all Australia and we are confident that it is going to secure your future, that you can plan for your future with confidence and we are backing that up by ensuring that we’ll measure that,” he said.

“We won’t just be measuring the fact that we’ll be reducing emission, we’ll be measuring the fact that we are creating job, we will be measuring the fact that we are boosting incomes, we will be measuring the fact that we are preserving Australians’ livelihoods right across the country.”