Net zero by 2050 plan ‘not supported’ by whole of Coalition: Albanese


Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese says “as always” with Prime Minister Scott Morrison, “it’s all about the spin” – never substance, amid the announcement of Australia’s commitment to net zero by 2050.

“The word ‘plan’ doesn’t constitute a plan, no matter how often you say it and what font it’s printed in,” Mr Albanese said.

“As always with this prime minister, it is all about marketing, all about the spin, never about the substance.”

He said if the plan was truly supported by the whole of the Coalition, then Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce would have launched it alongside Scott Morrison.

“The fact is that the only reason why there is not going to be legislation about net zero by 2050 isn’t that there’s a risk it won’t be carried – because Labor would vote for net zero by 2050.”

“It is because the Coalition would be embarrassed by the number of their own members who would cross the floor.”