It’s in Australia’s ‘national interest’ to adjust climate policy ‘accordingly’


Liberal MP Dave Sharma says it is in “Australia’s national interest” to change its climate policy accordingly in tune with international partners and the global capital markets.

On Sunday the Nationals met for four hours to discuss the prospect of net-zero by 2050 and a 2030 projection target but was unable to come to an agreement.

“I think it’s reasonable to ask how will this transition be made, which communities will be disadvantaged by it and how will that be addressed,” Mr Sharma told Sky News Australia.

“We should be addressing it; I think one of the failures in the past, in this policy area, is that we haven’t taken into account that certain people in certain areas have understandable anxieties around this issue.

“So, if that takes more time to address, then so be it.

“Where I approach this issue from, it’s a national interest issue for Australia now; we know that our major security and strategic partners are all heading in this direction towards net-zero by 2050; we know that our major trading and economic partners are doing so, and we know that global capital markets are doing so as well.

“Australia’s national interest, in my view, requires us to be attune to those forces and be changing our policies according because that’s how we’ve always succeeded as a nation.”