Get a houseplant, reap the health rewards


As you learn the art of keeping a plant alive, Langan says you might like to wade further into a realm known as biophilic design, which is “the theory that we, as humans, are innately drawn to other living things” It’s the reason we love looking at sunsets and going for walks in the forest, she explains.


But instead of having to venture outdoors to benefit, Langan says biophilic design allows you to reap those rewards from the comfort of your couch. In practical terms, you can keep windows open for fresh air, allow soothing, nature-based scents such as lemon myrtle to waft through your house, or introduce natural materials such as handmade ceramics, rattan and wood into your home. Of course, houseplants play a key role, too.

The beauty of biophilic design, Langan explains, is that it creates a nurturing environment in your home that naturally helps you de-stress. In other words, she says, biophilic design can turn your home into a sanctuary.

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