‘Educate before you legislate’: Nationals ‘pragmatic’ over nuclear energy


Nationals Deputy Leader David Littleproud says the party stands firmly behind nuclear energy but has indicated it is unlikely to challenge its legislative ban as the electorate “isn’t necessarily there with us at the moment”.

His remarks come as Nationals are expected to present their decision on net zero to the Prime Minister on Sunday.

“We understand you’ve got to educate before you legislate,” Mr Littleproud told Sky News Australia.

“The electorate isn’t necessarily there with us at the moment – there’s new technologies that are emerging.

“So we’ve got to be pragmatic about that – you’ve still got to win elections.

“I think if we can get the electorate to understand that the technology in nuclear has changed then that’s obviously something down the track.

“But at the moment the electorate isn’t there, and I think the Nats obviously have been pragmatic – but that’s been our position for some time.”