Climate action in next decade ‘critically important’ to reach 2050 net zero target


Labor Senator Katy Gallagher has hit out at the Morrison government’s reluctance to adopt more ambitious climate targets, saying the next decade is “critically important” if the nation is to reach net zero by 2050.

Australia is among a handful of countries being told to set a more ambitious 2030 emissions reduction target under a draft decision paper released at the COP26 climate summit.

Ms Gallagher said Australia can’t afford to leave it till too late.

“We’ve been clear that we urge the government to go with a more ambitious target than they have,” she told Sky News Australia.

“I think all understand, everyone apart from the government it seems, understands that the next decade is critically important if we are going to be serious with net zero by 2050 – we can’t do it in 2049 or 2045, we need to be making the changes in the next decade.”