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You really cannot make this stuff up.
Space X is preparing to fire up its Falcon 9 rocket for a Halloween launch with the Crew-3 mission scheduled to lift off early tomorrow morning, according to ANU astrophysicist and cosmologist Dr Brad Tucker. “They’re launching it, I...
Time loops are an interesting narrative device that are a well-established part of popular culture nowadays – not only in the form of the classic 1993 film Groundhog Day and the Netflix series Russian Doll, but also from video...
Aspiring uranium producer, Deep Yellow Limited has served up a milestone achievement in its ambitions to bring its Tumas uranium project in Namibia into production. Definitive feasibility study, or “DFS”, drilling has returned a cracking 121 per cent lift...
Aurizon boss Andrew Harding has boosted his holdings in the Brisbane-based rail giant courtesy of stock incentives granted as part of his remuneration package.
Telstra will establish edge computing - a network of micro data centres close to businesses that offer cloud computing facilities but minimise network lag.
Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese says “as always” with Prime Minister Scott Morrison, “it’s all about the spin” – never substance, amid the announcement of Australia’s commitment to net zero by 2050.“The word ‘plan’ doesn’t constitute a plan, no matter...
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Vale, one of the world’s biggest producers of iron ore and nickel, expects all 39 workers trapped in an underground mine since Sunday to be freed by tonight.
SPINIFEX: Encounter Resources’ spin-out Hamelin Gold will be well capitalised to explore its vast West Tanami project in remote WA.

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